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Constantin grew up happily in a small city nestled in the middle of our country Israel. There are hundreds of cities like Or-Akiva in our young and peace yearning country. And each of them is a part of our country, a piece of tragedy and joy. Or-Akiva (Akiva's light) is located 2 miles from beautifully serene beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and between two major highways.

Jewish presence in Israel was unbroken and maintained through the centuries even after the majority were forced into exile. During the many years of dipersion, the Jewish people never severed nor forgot their bond with the land. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Jewish independence, lost two thousand years ealier, was renewed. The first Jewish immigration "Aliya" appeared here in 1890, the immigrants were mostly Russian. Or-Akiva is 30 miles from Haifa and 24 miles from Tel Aviv, and next to the uncovered ancient Caesarea and the magnificent new Caesarea. Or-Akiva rapidly developed with the arrival of a big Russian immigration "aliya" between 1990 and 1994. New areas have been developed: Ganei Or, Orot, Orot Yaruka. Now it is modern, cozy, buried in verdure trees and colors city with the population of 18 thousand. The structure of its inhabitants also is diverse as well as in the rest of our multilingual country. But mainly 60% of Or-Akiva's population are natives of the former USSR and the countries of Europe.

Fine schools, kindergartens; sports halls, modern library, the house of creativity, a concert hall, and all make life of the town people comfortable and cozy.

Many known in the world market industrial factories are located in northern suburb of Or-Akiva. Such as "Dexon", "Anna Lotan", "Tyco". There are also young enterprises, which still need to break into the consumers market. But they have the future, as intellectual potential of Or-Akiva is not small. Many highly skilled experts, ready to build this city, this country for the future of our children and grandchildren have arrived here in the last few years. All of us hope, that tomorrow there will be no terror. And it will become time for creativity and prosperity

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