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Constantin was born on May 10, 1979 in Sevastopol, USSR. The family moved to Israel when Contantin was 14 years old. On May 10th he would have been 23.

Fallen - March 30, 2002

Daily terrorists try to enter from Palestinian territory in to Israel. They carry horrific acts that take lives of many, mostly simple, peaceful people - woman, children and elderly. Constantin lost his life, but disabled two terrorists armed with automatic weapons, grenades and explosives. He saved many civilian lives. He was, one of many guys that daily sacrifice their lives to prevent terrorist acts.

Schmual Amurjuev Toronto, Canada

No tragedy, may it be death or not, is as severe as when it personally arrives to you. Constantin Danilov, my second cousin, was always everyone's favorite child. His brave eyes were always green lights for hope. His desire to protect his country serves as an example to those in the future who will step in the same shoes. My Mom always referred to him and to his older brother for example on how to be a real man, a true character and even a hero. Today I realized what a hero is. The Israeli society and the Jewish community around the world shall always pray for Constantin. G-d will keep him and take care of him in Heaven.

May He Rest In Peace and May G-d Rest the Peace upon us and the people of Israel.

Boris Modylevsky Haifa, Israel

We used to serve together with Constantin. It's a big loss for all of us...

Lena Lidogoster, Israel

To remember the true friend, fallen hero, Constantin Danilov.

What is life? The mankind has not come to unequivocal opinion to this philosophical question. By definition, it is a time interval between birth and death. But for each separate person life represents infinite set of instants, which are painted by various emotional experiences. Each of us lives proceeding from our own subjective sight on necessity of fulfillment of those or other acts. Yes, life has end. All of us understand, that we have come here with a certain mission and, having executed it, we shall die. But who could imagine, that your mission will be finished so early?

I have arrived to Israel alone, without parents. Soon I was called and told, that relatives came to see me. It was a surprise to me, as I thought I had no relatives here. I went to see... And I saw you with your mom and brother. You approached me, embraced and told, that I do not need to worry, because now I have a family, and two brothers. Holidays and the days that we spent together will never be erased from my memory. You at once have grown fond of the country, which became your second Native land. Hebrew came easy to you, and people accepted and have grown fond of you for sincerity, for readiness to come to aid, not asking for anything in exchange. Yes, you were, tender, kind, sympathetic. Such you will stay for me. Seldom to see a person that can make you feel as calm and comfortable as you would. Just one fraise from you: "Ducia, don�t worry, everything will be fine! " - warmed my soul and calmed me down.

Israel is the country where the bright sun shines, where torrential rains fall in the winter. Here people work hard for good life. We study allot, give birth and love children. Just like in any other country. Only today Israel is becoming scary and painful place to live. Each day we lose people we know, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. And the most terrible, is that someone always loses a child. Unimportantly how old is he or she is, for a mother, he�s always a child. Here you are, Costja, in the soldier uniform. Now you serve in the Israeli Army. You are proud that you are soldier in border control. You love this solar country; love your mom, your brother, and your friends. Everyone you love you are ready to protect on the most important front line - border. You wanted to be the best and you were.

You did your duty. The car with a cargo full of explosive and two madmen - homicides has not passed our border. With the price of your life you rescued tens of other lives, prevented large act of terrorism. You were ahead and... Was lost. You were lost as a hero. We shall remember you. But any words of consolations and honorable speeches will not replace your presence and your smile. Nothing will relieve of a pain that tears hearts of relatives.

It is very hard to speak about you in past time. It is impossible to comprehend, that you will not come any more, will not call, will not name me Duci and will not tell me, that everything will be fine. Though you were not my brother by birth, you were to me as a brother in soul. And I shall love you always. Some day we shall meet. For now you will live in my heart.

Let the ground to you be down.


A Border Policeman was shot dead Saturday in the village of Baka al-Garbiyeh, on the Green Line border, during an exchange of fire with two Palestinians trying to cross into Israel. The two, were killed by Border Police.

The policeman was identified as First Sergeant Major Constantin Danilov, 23, from Or Akiva.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades took responsibility for the attack. In an anonymous phonecall, a spokesman for the group said the two, identified as Fathi Abed el Gawad, 21, and Majdi al-Ameiri, 18, were attempting to cross into Israel order to carry out a suicide attack.

The two Palestinians were in a car, coming from the West Bank toward Israel, when they encountered the Border Police in the town.

When they were ordered to stop, the gunmen opened fire, prompting a gunfight that left one policeman dead and one of the gunmen injured, police said.

When police advanced toward the wounded gunman on the ground, he tossed a grenade, which exploded but did not cause any injuries. Police then fatally shot the gunman.

Police fired at the second gunman who was still in the car, and the shots caused an explosion in the vehicle. The blast was apparently caused by an explosives belt worn by the gunman, police said.

"I have no doubt that a very serious terrorist bombing in some Israeli town was prevented," said Farid Ghanem, a Border Police captain.

Security forces searched the area for another two gunmen who they suspect fled the scene of the attack.



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